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It’s a few hours before the cleaning company that you hired is scheduled to clean your home. You might be wondering, is there anything you should be doing in order to prepare for their arrival? Should you tidy up a bit? If you do that, this will help give the cleaners a better opportunity to clean your home more efficiently. And you might be wondering if this will be the best way to get more bang for your buck.

Most homeowners struggle with these choices because they might not understand what type of cleaning services they hire. They want to capitalize on the services they are paying for or don’t want the cleaner to think their family is super messy. Whatever the case, if you find yourself wondering what you should do. Keep reading.

Let’s get straight to the point. While you should be leaving the tougher cleaning tasks up to the cleaner. You should also make some effort to tidy your home before the cleaning appointment. What we mean is that you should put your belongings back into their proper places.

Try to remove objects from the floor that do not belong there. Your cleaner will vacuum underneath almost everything, so the fewer things obstructing the floor, the better. Countertops usually act as a catch-all for things like mail, school papers and other random objects, so you should try and straighten these out before your cleaner arrives.

While your cleaner will be more than able to pick up items and organize every room, remember that if they spend most of their time organizing your things, they will have less time to actually do the real cleaning tasks you wanted them to do the first place. After all, any time they spend picking up after you or your family, the less time they will spend cleaning.

This is important if you are paying them by the hour, too. When you are paying for time, you want them to get things done as quickly and effectively as possible. So, you should pick up after yourself and let your cleaner do the more stringent cleaning duties.

If it will be the first time this particular cleaner will be cleaning your home, you should try and have some written instructions prepared for them regarding what you would like them to focus on cleaning. This way, your cleaner will understand what you want them to prioritize, and they won’t forget about doing them.

So be sure to clear out your clutter before your cleaner arrives. Having a well-organized home will help give your cleaner ample time and a head start to deep clean your home. Instead of needing to focus on putting away toys or picking up clothes, your cleaner cna focus all of their attention on cleaning your baseboards, sweeping the floors and more.

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