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Rugs require care and attention and regular maintenance is necessary if you want to extend the life of your rug and its beautiful appearance. The following tips will help you take good care of your rugs:

Vacuum Often

This is an obvious one but it needs to be done regularly so that your rugs remain clean. What most people do not know is that rugs need to be vacuumed on both sides and while this task may not remove every dirt and dust particle from your rug, it will remove most of it and will reduce allergens that are trapped within its fibers. Debris will sink deep within your rug, so professional cleanings will be required from time to time but you need to be vacuuming often between these periods.

Rotate Your Rug

Doing this annually will reduce uneven wear and fading, so make sure you mark this task on your calendar. The position of your rug will affect its condition and if it is placed in a bright and sunlit room, your rug will experience fading. Blinds or drapes will help prevent this from happening, as will a yearly rotation.

Try Not To Place Heavy Furniture On Top

Bulky pieces of furniture will crush the fibers of your rug and may create dents, so it’s better to keep heavy pieces away. If placing them on top is a must, make sure you use furniture coasters, as these will help prevent marks and depressions.

Purchase A Rug Pad

This is a great investment and is well worth it because it will extend the life of your rug. These pads prevent slipping and absorb sounds, so there are a number of benefits they provide. They also offer additional cushioning and softness, and are the perfect foundation for a rug.

Do Not Try DIY Cleaning Solutions

Blotting spills with paper towels is one thing but using chemicals is another and unless you are certain about the solution you’ve created, you can cause permanent damage to your rug. Harsh detergents can make matters worse, as can the application of water to stains. If you’re not sure, you can discolour your rug and even damage the flooring underneath, so stay away from DIY cleaners.

Make Sure Your Rugs Are Professionally Cleaned

This is the best way to ensure your rugs remain beautiful and clean because professional rug cleaners have the tools, equipment and products that are necessary. They will provide you with sparkling clean results and their services will extend the life of your rug and bring out its beauty. Professional cleanings should be done every 12 to 18 months but you can do it more often if you have pets or if the rug is in a high traffic area.

Vortex Cleaning can help with all of your carpet cleaning needs. We specialize in both commercial and house cleaning services, so if you are in London, Ontario, give us a call today!