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Have you been scouring the internet for faster ways to clean your house? Try using the following tips to tidy up. Quicker.

Cleaning is usually not anyone’s favourite hobby; however, it is something that we are all forced to do if we want to live a life that is free from clutter. If you put off cleaning for a while, your space will become disorganized, and so will your mind. Your health and overall wellbeing will be impacted negatively, and the opposite happens when you have a clean space to live and work in. When your home is free from dust, it helps to keep allergens, germs, and other pollutants away and prevents you from having adverse reactions.

So, is there a right and wrong way to clean your home? What about ways to optimize tidying up so you can spend the least amount of time as possible on the dreaded tasks? Today we are here to give you some expert advice on how to clean up your space quickly and efficiently.

Before you begin wiping down, scrubbing and dusting, you should pick up and put away everything gathered on the floor or table that does not belong there. The number one thing that makes it hard for people to clean up their homes is the overwhelming volume of “clutter.” A declutter is an excellent way to make your cleaning tasks fly by since everything will already be put away where it belongs.

Another way to help you optimize your cleaning is to make sure that you have a special place where you keep all of your cleaning supplies and products so that everything is at arm’s reach. For example, use a bucket or a caddy to help you carry everything you need as you make the rounds around your home.

You should also put together a master list and schedule and commit to the cleaning routine you set up. It is also a great idea to categorize your cleaning tasks into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This principle can make a big difference when mentally struggling with the mountain ahead of you for cleaning. It also prevents you from needing to spend an entire day doing a deep clean of your home, which is physically exhausting.

We recommend that you start by wiping down high traffic areas like doorknobs, countertops, kitchens, bathrooms, and your laundry room daily. Weekly tasks should include washing your sheets and towels, vacuuming, and mopping the floors. Weekly duties should also include dusting surfaces and furniture and cleaning your showers and tubs. For your monthly tasks, you should take inventory of your food in your kitchen and pantry, cleaning supplies, and toiletries to ensure that nothing has expired.

Once your cleaning schedule is established, it is time to roll up your sleeves.

What is the best way to clean your home?

Work smarter, not harder

You should always use tools to help you get the job done quicker. For example, you can use a cordless electric spin scrubber with an extendable arm so that you don’t need to strain yourself by cleaning your shower tiles or bathtub.