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An unclean office can affect productivity levels and lead to employee dissatisfaction. A clean work environment is a must because this is the only way your business will succeed, so it’s important that you clean your office furniture regularly, and the following tips will help in this regard:


Dust is inevitable, especially in offices where several people are working together. Paper fibres, upholstery fibres, improper air filters, and skin and hair cells are just some of the factors that can lead to the accumulation of dust, which will settle on just about everything. Desks, computer monitors, bookshelves, objects on desks, filing cabinets, telephones, and window sills are just some of the areas where dust tends to collect, so you need to focus on these surfaces to minimize the collection of dust. Use damp cloths to successfully eliminate dust particles and avoid using feather dusters because they cause dust particles to become airborne, so they will settle elsewhere, and your surfaces will not be clean.


Office furniture houses a lot of germs because of cross-contamination that occurs on a daily basis. You and your co-workers touch each other’s telephones, monitors, keyboards, and desks, so it is a must that you disinfect surfaces. Use disinfecting wipes to destroy germs and bacteria, and make sure you wipe down all the areas and items that get touched regularly. This step will allow your office to remain sanitary and hygienic.

Removing spots and stains

Unwanted spots are inevitable in offices, and they will appear on rugs, carpets, and upholstery. Coffee spills, mud spots, and food stains will make appearances, and it is important that you remove these stains so that your office is clean and inviting. Leaving these stains will affect your reputation negatively because a dirty workspace will get noticed by guests and employees. Use carpet cleaner sprays or hire a professional cleaning company so that your space is always clean and fresh.

Vacuuming and sweeping

Dirty floors are not only unappealing, they are also dangerous as well, so you need to eliminate debris and spills which can accumulate. Failure to do so will lead to unsanitary conditions and will increase the chances of slips and falls, both of which can be extremely dangerous. Vacuum daily if you have carpeted floors or rugs, and sweep and mop your floors if there are no carpets. This will remove dust, dirt, and grime and your floors will be beautiful and clean.


Organization is key as this will allow you to maintain a clean office space. Clutter will have a negative effect on productivity and on people’s moods, and your employees will always feel distracted. An uncluttered space will allow you to reach for items easily, and you’ll never have to waste your time searching for the documents you need.

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