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Keeping a house clean can feel impossible at times. There are so many surfaces in your home that there always seems to be something to clean! But what if we tell you that the secret is to clean better and not more. If you’re looking for better and more efficient cleaning methods, you’ve come to the right place. Here are our top ten favourite house cleaning hacks of all time.

Combat A Stinky Garbage Disposal

Theoretically, garbage disposals are supposed to self-clean. However, sludge can build up over time and become stinky. The foul odour can sometimes even overpower the entire kitchen. Cut a lemon into small wedges and feed them down into the disposal. It will smell and work better.

Remove Stains On Wooden Cutting Boards

Have a stain on your wooden cutting board that just won’t budge? Use some salt and rub the spot with lemon to remove the stain. It should work like a charm!

Use Dryer Sheets Outside The Dryer

Dryer sheets can do much more than removing static from your laundry. Even if they are used, you can repurpose them to:

  • Remove water spots from mirrors, shower doors, bathroom and kitchen fixtures
  • Clean baseboards
  • Remove smudges on windows and mirrors

Unclog The Sink

Rather than using chemicals to unclog drains, try using a combination of water, vinegar and baking soda. Start with pouring boiling water down the drain, then some baking soda before finishing off with equal parts of hot water and vinegar. The bubbling reaction will help break up the buildup in your drain.

Clean The Blender

Fill the blender with warm water and some dish soap. Turn it on for a couple of seconds before rinsing it out with warm water.

Clean The Faucets

Do you have hard water spots around the spout, base or handle of your faucets? Use vinegar to break down the mineral deposits to make cleaning easier.

Clean The Blinds

Take an old but clean sock over your hand and dip it in a solution of equal parts water and vinegar. Run it over each slat of the blinds to quickly remove all dust and dirt.

Remove Shower Scum

Soap scum can often make a bathroom look dirty and unpleasant. Fill a dish wand with equal parts vinegar and dish soap and scrub away. You can also use a sponge or an old toothbrush.

Clean Up Spilled Glitter

Glitter is the biggest enemy of a clean home. Use something sticky like tape or a ball of Play-Doh to pick up all the glitter pieces!

Clean Red Wine Stains On The Wall

Had a little too much to drink last night? If your glass of red wine ended up on a white wall, no worries! Magic Erasers can take care of that for you.

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